4 x Vacancies


4 x Vacancies
  • Location: Various Locations
  • Salary: £14,662.21 - £24,360
  • Contract Type: Fixed-Term Contract
  • Closing Date: 17:00 19 Jun 2017
  • Hours: Other
  • Summary

    We are currently recruiting for:

    Job Coach, Employment Training Co-ordinator, Team Leader, Volunteer Co-ordinator.

    Employer Profile

    ELITE S.E.A. Ltd enable individuals with disabilities or those at disadvantage, to access, obtain and maintain paid
    employment via appropriate support.

    Job Role

    · Job Coach (Various Locations) Full and Part time. Salary: £14,662.21 rising to £15,661.14.

    · Employment Training Co-ordinator (Porth, Bridgend, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire) Full and Part time. Salary: £16,572.16 rising to £21,051.34

    · Team Leader (Llantrisant) Part time (21hrs+ TBA) Salary: £24,360 (pro-rata)

    · Volunteer Co-ordinator Full time, Any ELITE office based, Salary: £16,572.16 rising to £21,051.34

    How To Apply

    Please email information@elitesea.co.uk or ring 01443 226664 to request an application pack containing more information

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